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We strongly recommend neutering all pets not intended for breeding as this can prevent or reduce the risk of a number of potentially serious diseases. As we rehome cats we are also very aware of the number of unwanted pets that are currently in the rehoming system.

Female animals are spayed from 6 months old. Apart from preventing unwanted pregnancies this can reduce the risk of mammary cancer and prevent false pregnancies and a potentially fatal womb infection called Pyometra. We may on occasion opt to spay dogs after their first season in certain breeds but this will be discussed with your veterinary surgeon at one of the puppy checks.

Males are castrated at 6 months old, making them much less likely to stray or get into fights, which in turn reduces the risk of associated injuries. They will also be prevented from developing testicular cancer, prostate problems (which can lead to difficulty urinating), hernias and tumours in the peri-anal area (around the bottom). In certain cases, male dogs do not need to be castrated, this is one of the areas that will be discussed at the puppy checks. Male cats always need to be castrated unfortunately as they often stray, get into fights and in a large proportion of male cats contract the lethal virus FIV.

It is particularly important to ensure that all cats are neutered as there is an excess of kittens and also the health benefits are significant.

We recommend that all dogs coming to the surgery for neutering are given Advocate drops 1 month prior to surgery. This will treat any lungworm that your animal may currently be infested with, importantly reducing the risk of bleeding problems during surgery.

Neutering requires a general anaesthetic so your pet will need to stay with us for the day.

If you would like to find out more about neutering your pet please contact the surgery.


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