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Flea treatment

Fleas are a very common problem and we recommend regular flea treatment for all animals that go outdoors. These blood sucking parasites cause a multitude of problems from skin allergies to mouth ulcers. They can also carry worms and on occasion bite humans. Treatment for fleas involves monthly spot-on applications and may involve household sprays also. Flea eggs and larvae can live in the house for up to 18 months and can provide a reservoir for infestation is not treated appropriately.

There are numerous flea medications available however many are not effective and some can cause problems. We recommend that flea medications are purchased through the surgery as many more widely available flea medications are not effective.

Our current recommendation for flea control is Advocate, monthly, for dogs and Stronghold or Advocate, monthly, for cats. In cases of household infestation then we recommend a household spray such as Indorex.

Please contact us to discuss your pets’ needs and the parasite control most suitable for their lifestyle.


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